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HIS Story


Being from Oxford, Mississippi. Allen "JJ" Jones has always been held in high regard by his peers.  As a 3- sport athlete, JJ was afforded the opportunity to continue his athletic career in college.  He excelled played baseball and football at Northwest Community College, and then continuing his endeavors at Kentucky State University where he quickly gained NFL and MLB attention. However, aspirations of a professional career came to an end due to a shoulder injury that required surgery. 


  Upon receiving his Bachelors or Arts degree in Criminal Justice, JJ returned to Memphis to be with family and start his new job.  Soon after moving into his new home, JJ found the opportunity to do some small side jobs in his neighborhood for extra money.  A fence here...  A deck there...   And it didn’t take long before JJ was making a great living in his spare time and found that he enjoyed the hands on work more than the regular nine to five.  With those successes came more tile jobs, deck jobs, and wood flooring jobs.  Next, JJ started renovating houses and building small furniture pieces full time in the Memphis / Mississippi area. 


  Fast forward a few years and JJ had an opportunity to begin working with a furniture building company.  The chance to grow as a builder and develop his gift was amazing.  Through hard work, constant prayers, and blessings from God...  JJ had found his calling and knew exactly what he was created to do…. And that was to build an undeniable product at a great price that would gain the attention and respect of everyone who laid eyes upon his creations....   Within a short period of time, JJ worked hard and gained the respect of fellow craftsman and he has not broken stride since..  Now the opportunity to fulfill his dream of being a business owner, and to do what he loves has arrived. His joy and gratitude is immediately evident when he talks about The Wood Shed by JJ.  His passion is contagious…his conviction is infectious…he loves his family... and his skills are unparalleled.  

The Wood Shed by JJ….  Some plan...  Others dream...  #IEXECUTE....   

Building dreams....   One client at a time..  


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